Hazing Prevention & Intervention

Note to a Brother or Sister

Dear Brother/Sister,

If you are unsure about whether your chapter’s activities constitute hazing read your Fraternity’s/Sorority’s policies, recommended new member program, and your college/university’s policies.  Always remember that the most effective way to achieve our overarching brotherhood/sisterhood goals is to avoid hazing.  Our ability to build group cohesiveness through positive teambuilding activities will you develop skills that can be used after graduation.

We set out to create a meaningful experience that will be remembered far beyond your collegiate years by creating a sense of equity amongst all of our brothers/sisters, youngest to oldest.  You won’t have anything to hide, and will leave a positive legacy for future generations of members just as we sought to do all those years ago.

If you know that your chapter hazes, but are not convinced that it is a problem, let us articulate the many reasons why hazing is harmful and ultimately hurts our entire brotherhood.  Whether creating risk for mental, emotional and/or physical harm, hazing activities negatively impact those who experience them. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is supposed to demonstrate care, not lead to distrust and apathy. There are many factors that play into how individuals and chapters are affected by hazing.  Often, hazing can lead to laziness, as well as a fragmented brotherhood.

Consequently, hazing can result in individual members’ expulsion, suspension, and/or your chapter losing its charter.  Direct or indirect involvement in any hazing activity could leave you open to personal or financial consequence because even your inaction is an action.  A lawsuit can ruin your chapter and financially devastate you and your family.  A record of hazing can negatively impact your future employment or graduate school opportunities, not to mention living with the knowledge that your actions negatively impacted someone else’s life.

Our fraternity/sorority headquarters staff and volunteers are available to make sure you have a safe and rewarding membership experience.  You should never be afraid to report hazing as it is incongruent with our fraternity’s Ritual.  You can leave an anonymous message on the Hazing Hotline (1-888-NOTHAZE) if you feel you have no where else to turn.  You can help save lives by reporting hazing and speaking up for yourself as well as for our Fraternity/Sorority.

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