Hazing Prevention & Intervention

Challenge to Non-Hazing Organizations

Organizations that do not haze can, and should, play an important role in stopping hazing on campus. 

Ultimately, you have the ability to challenge other fraternities, organizations, and student groups on campus to remember the basic principle that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. FHSI Consortium Members believe that when a new member is treated like a brother/sister from the very beginning the chapter instills in him/her that he/she is valued. She/he begins to understand that she/he has responsibilities to grow as a leader through meaningful experiences.

FHSI Consortium Members do not stop recruiting a new member once she/he accepts her/his bid, rather they are always working together, as a sisterhood/brotherhood, to help their new members understand the significance of what has been given to them while honoring the efforts of those alumni who came before. FHSI Consortium Members recognize that new members are the future of the chapter and the chapter must provide new members with the necessary education to enable them to be productive members and appreciate the long-term value of their growth as leaders while helping to maintain and create a culture of excellence.

Ways Your Group Can Challenge and Change the Campus Culture:

  • Speak out in public settings against hazing, such as meetings and conferences. Being vocal and visible in your opposition to hazing can help shift the campus culture towards less tolerance for hazing.
  • Offer to advise other groups who are looking for guidance in developing non-hazing approaches to initiation and sisterhood/brotherhood building.
  • Be vigilant in monitoring the evolution of your own practices, especially if your chapter has engaged in hazing in the past. Maintaining a non-hazing approach requires ongoing attention, especially as membership changes over time.

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