Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance and other Evidence of Insurance forms are the basic information communication tools of the insurance industry.

Whenever one party requires another party to secure and maintain some form of insurance, they should also require satisfactory evidence that this has, in fact, been done.  This circumstance usually arises from various forms of contracts that are related to fraternity or sorority operations and activities. 

Examples include:

  • Relationship statements or school recognition requirements
  • Equipment leases
  • Leasing facilities owned by others for social functions or fundraising activities
  • Chapter facility leases or housing agreements
  • Remodeling or new construction projects, and especially with any employment or independent contractor agreements.

Certificates of Insurance are available upon request (but require approval from your underwriters and in some cases your inter/national organization).  Certificates provide additional information such as the policy numbers, underwriters, policy periods, limits of coverage, and deductibles.

If you need a Certificate of Insurance, use this form to submit the necessary information needed to our staff:

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