Excess Liability

The primary purpose of Excess Liability insurance is to offer an added layer of protection if the limits of underlying general liability insurance are exhausted. Excess Liability insurance usually follows form to the underlying liability policy, and typically excludes coverage for claims the underlying policy did not cover.

What It Covers

Excess Liability insurance supplements the limits of underlying general liability policies up to the separate additional limits of the Excess Liability policy. Excess Liability is most often needed for catastrophic losses from significant accidents or injuries resulting from activities, events, or operations of the insured. Such accidents may involve major property damage, serious bodily injuries, or loss of life to members, guests, or third-parties.

Disclaimer Notice

This basic information has been prepared as information only. The actual insurance policies are subject to definitions, duties, exclusions, limitations, and various other terms and conditions. This information does not amend, extend, or alter the coverage afforded by the actual insurance policies.

Did You Know … ?

By participating in your inter/national organization’s master property insurance program, your house corporation may be eligible for your organization’s master liability program, which may include excess liability protection for your house corporation. This is one of the potential benefits of purchasing your house corporation’s property insurance through your inter/national organization and Favor & Company.

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