General Liability

General Liability coverage, often referred to as Commercial Liability or Public Liability insurance, provides insurance protection against bodily injury and property damage claims brought against the “insureds” by third parties or members. For example, claims resulting from alcohol misuse, hazing, sexual misconduct, slips and falls, and fights, all fall under General Liability.

What It Covers

Definitions of insureds commonly includes the fraternity/sorority entity, appointed or elected inter/national volunteers, recognized house corporations and alumni advisory board entities, and those local volunteers (chapter advisers and house corporation members). Please consult with your fraternity/sorority headquarters for further clarification.

The basis for such bodily injury and property damage claims is an allegation of negligence against one or more of the insureds which has resulted in damages to the third party.

Disclaimer Notice

This basic information has been prepared as information only. The actual insurance policies are subject to definitions, duties, exclusions, limitations, and various other terms and conditions. This information does not amend, extend, or alter the coverage afforded by the actual insurance policies.

How can you protect your organization against claims?

  • Follow federal, state/province, and local laws.
  • Fully comply with all university policies and procedures.
  • Adhere to your respective fraternal organization’s risk management/health & safety policies and guidelines.
  • Before signing any agreement or contract, work with your respective fraternal headquarters to review any insurance requirements.
  • Contact your fraternal headquarters when an agreement includes an Additional Insured request or a primary Additional Insured request before signing an agreement or contract.

Questions About General Liability Coverage?

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