Property Insurance Claim

A property claim is typically filed if your building, any of its components, or its contents are stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss. Our staff is glad to assist you in this process.

Insured’s Duties in the Event of Loss or Damage

In the event of property damage that may result in a claim, it is the insured’s duty to report the claim promptly to Favor & Company. Please also take prompt, reasonable steps to first ensure the safety of persons, and secondly, to protect the covered property from further damage. Keep a record of the expenses necessary to protect covered property for consideration in the settlement of this claim. If possible, document the damage by taking pictures of the impacted areas, and set such damaged property aside in the best possible order for examination by the insurance company appointed adjusters.

For example:

If damage to your facility’s roof is causing water to leak into the structure, contact a roofing contractor to make temporary repairs such as patching or tarping of the area. If water damage occurs from a sewage backup or pipe breakage, reach out to a water damage restoration company immediately to clean and dry out the impacted area.

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Questions About Property Claims?

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