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Membership Structure

Any inter/national fraternity or sorority is welcome to join the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative [FHSI] Consortium as an Affiliate Member so long as the fraternity or sorority commits to fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Affiliate Members will pay a one-time licensing fee and an annual renewal fee each subsequent 12-month period so long as they wish to remain a part of the FHSI Consortium.
  • The licensing fee provides the Affiliate Member access to all FHSI resources and programs, including those currently in development and yet to be released for the period of one year.
  • Affiliate Members will be subject to an annual membership fee and implementation of FSHI program requirements.
  • Favor & Company staff and the FHSI contracted consultant team will work directly with the designated point of contact for the Affiliate Member on an implementation plan.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the FHSI program modules, and ongoing development of supplemental messaging and programs
  • Support materials to educate key stakeholders
  • Limited consultations on risk management issues, as requested
  • Annual Train-the-Trainer Session scheduled at each Associate Member’s requested time.*
  • Favor & Company support for ongoing implementation plan and maintenance
  • Pre-/post-program assessment data collection and analysis for the Associate Member and overall Consortium
  • Promotion of the Associate Member through FHSI media releases and on the Favor & Company website

Licensing Fee:

Affiliate Members will pay a one-time licensing fee. Licensing fees are based on the size of the inter/national fraternity or sorority and determined by the number of active chapters and colonies at the time of joining the Consortium.

One-Time Affiliate Member Licensing Fee Breakdown (based upon number of chapters):

Less than 50 chapters: Minimum of $4,000

50-99 chapters: Minimum of $6,000

100-150 chapters: Minimum of $8,000

150 or more chapters: Minimum of $10,000

[Note that the above costs are for 2020 and may change in subsequent years.]

Affiliate Member Annual Fee:

Twelve months after paying the one-time licensing fee, Affiliate Members will be subject to an annual renewable FHSI Affiliate Membership Fee equivalent to one-half of their licensing fee assessed based upon the number of chapters and colonies on record at the time of renewal.

Affiliate Member FHSI Program Charges for all Printed Materials:

Affiliate Members will be charged $2.75/participant guide and $25.00/facilitator guide for the three primary program modules for Sexual Misconduct, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Hazing Prevention. For the fourth FHSI program, the Hazing Intervention module, Affiliate Members will be charged $5.00/participant guide and $30.00/facilitator guide.

Membership Commitment

Inter/national fraternities or sororities wishing to join the FHSI Consortium need to commit to the following at the time of application:

  • Designating a senior staff member as a point of contact
  • Ordering materials to implement at least one program module to at least 50% of total chapter and colony members within the first year of Consortium Membership.
  • Fully implementing at least one program module during the course of membership. NOTE: Full implementation means educating at least 90% of chapters on record.
  • Participating in all public relations messaging for the FHSI
  • Supporting FHSI Consortium Members publicly to assure benefits of Consortium
  • Committing to use FHSI materials as produced, with customization of facilitation and delivery
  • Signifying membership in FHSI with a link to the FHSI section of the Favor & Company website from the Associate Member’s website
  • Highlighting FHSI and Consortium Membership in internal messaging to chapters, alumni/alumnae and volunteers, as well as publications
  • Crafting a broad strategy to promote FHSI and its Consortium at student and alumni/alumnae events

Affiliate Membership Approval Process

To be fully recognized as an Affiliate member of the FHSI Consortium, the inter/national fraternity or sorority will need to address how the organization plans to satisfy the specified requirements noted above, with specific emphasis on implementation and roll-out to chapters and stakeholders. Applications will be assessed based upon the realistic ability to implement plan as indicated in application.

NOTE: Favor & Company will cover the costs (time, lodging, food, incidentals and travel) for an appropriate number of FHSI Team Members to provide the Train-the-Trainer session.

Questions About Becoming a Member?

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