Hazing Prevention & Intervention

What You Can Do to Help a Friend

FHSI Consortium Members have chapter members involved in many activities outside of their own fraternity/sorority. If you find out that one of your friends, roommates, classmates or fellow fraternity/sorority members is being hazed, you can help make a difference by providing them with a listening ear. Let them know that you are concerned and give them reasons as to why. Hazing is illegal regardless of the type of group. In order to have the holistic collegiate experience it is important to stay connected with friends outside of your fraternity/sorority. Chapters that haze often try to isolate their new members from communicating with friends and family because they are afraid of getting caught. They understand that hazing is wrong and are afraid of the consequences.

  • Talk with others about what you are going through. Encourage your friend to not keep it a secret. Demanding secrecy is a common strategy within hazing organizations.
  • Remind your friend that participation is not mandatory; and, that in fact his/her organization has a zero tolerance hazing policy.
  • Challenge other organizations and individuals to join with you in a commitment not to haze any member, regardless of membership status. Raise the question about why anyone should have to go through any degrading, demeaning, or demoralizing acts to become a brother in your fraternity, or sister in your sorority.
  • Assist them in contacting the National Hazing Hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE, contact his/her organization’s headquarters and/or report it to the college/university and/or police. If your friend is a part of a local organization, seek help from your college/university’s administration.

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