Navigating today’s risk landscape requires more than just an insurer.

For Fraternal Organizations, Natural Tourist Attractions, Manufacturing and Non-Profits

At Favor & Company, we believe nothing matters more than the longevity and vitality of your organization. Since 1979, clients have relied on our powerful insights, experience and highly responsive customer service to reduce the frequency and severity of insurance losses. We are also the exclusive provider of certain Lloyd’s of London insurance products for niche industries like fraternal organizations, tourist show caves, and natural attractions. Learn more about how Favor & Company can serve as a trusted insurance broker and risk management advisor for your organization.

Protecting Yourself and Others from COVID-19

Please review our guide, “Breaking the Chain of Infection,” to help keep your community healthier during the pandemic.   

  • Health and Safety and Preparing for the Fall

    A discussion with Blaine Ayers of Favor & Company and FHSI about preparing for the fall.

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  • Parents: Talk with your Student about Hazing

    This short video helps you guide your students in choosing groups that don’t haze.

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  • Recognize the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

    Watch the PUBS video to learn how to respond to an overdose situation.

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  • How to Host a Safer Event Video Guidelines

    Identify an unsafe situation. Recognize and respond to an alcohol emergency.

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  • National Hazing Prevention Week: Sept. 25-29

    Learn more about hazing prevention this week and all year long.

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  • FHSI New Guide for Parents

    Help your college student engage in a safe and enjoyable fraternal experience.

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